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Warning: This game sucks.Seriously, if you want to throw your life down the drain, there are better ways. Like heroin. You play it once, think "OK, this game has shit ass graphics, horrible gameplay, the worst lag I have ever seen in my entire life, but there's lots of things to do." So you continue playing it, until you become completely obsessed. So obsessed, some people bring ther labtops to school to play runescape at lunch and spares, stay up until three in the morning playing runescape in their closets and actually pay money to play. If you play Runescape, stop now. There are better things to life.

Defintion: A game developped by Jagex, affectionately refferred to as "Fagex". The game itself is a jumble of terrible graphics, awful gameplay and the most repetetive skill system I have ever seen. All you do is click on things! But it doesn't stop there. Oh no. The community is the worst I've ever seen, and that includes MapleStory. Let me paint you a picture.

Typical Runescape screen messages
dragonslayer67: pAYING 6000 GPS FOR CEX!
Iamcoolknight: THAT WAS MY $#%$IN COAL NOOB!
pwnerguy11: Lol u only lvl 10
pwnerguy11: Lol you $%# I pwn you
Pwnerguy11 K You noob!
dragonslayer67: plz b my gf. give gps
girliemage78 (who's really a guy)K
dragonslayer67: (gives GP) K now gimme cex plz
(girliemage78 runs away)

As you can see, the scene is disturbing to say the least. Everyone is either spazzy 10 year olds, 50 year old perverts or horny teenagers who can't get it in real life so have Runescape "cex". Even the nicest person will have a ton of people either in game sexually assaulting them or calling them noobs. Not so pleasent.

If that doesn't kill it for you, this will. Tim* was an athletic, fun to be around guy when me and my friends started playing this game. We all quickly moved on to more fun, less addicting MMO's. Not Tim though. Tim became sucked into the game. At first it wasn't too bad. He still had a girlfriend, was on the soccer and basketball team and hung out with us. This began to change. First, he stopped hanging out, going to movies etc. Then he dumped his girlfriend for the sole reason "She took up too much time." He dropped out of school teams for the same reasons. All Tm would talk about is his Runescape character, his smithing level and his "Runescape GF" who we eventually found out was a guy. (I know, gross.) He stopped eating, to the point where he would eat maybe a meal a day up in his room. He stopped washing himself, and the acne that developped was horrendous. He stayed home from school to play. Tim's parents eventually found out what was happening and took away his computer. Tim told us he wanted to kill them. He stole a labtop to fuel his addiction. Tim lost 50 pounds. A good looking guy was now completely hideous. He failed seven subjects on his report card. Eventually, his parents found out about the stolen labtop. They were furious. Tim was kept in his room for two weeks, under supervision to make sure he hadn't smuggled in a labtop. He tried to escape three times. Eventually, we managed to coax him into going cold turkey. Tim was lucky: he only threw away four monthes of his life. He has returned to normal now, and is an Honour roll student and captain of the Soccer team. But there are other people that haven't. Don't start.

*Names have been changed
Runescape is the worst MMO I have ever played.

Runescape is mopre addictive than crack cocaine
by Dont try it March 26, 2007
a very dangerous,addicting,life ruining game!!!
runescape has ruined my life permanently. i probably have the worst case of it here.i lost almost all my freinds,and the ones i didnt lose are so close to being gone they basicly are. i had the worst social life ever. soon my grades dropped so severly i failed the 9th grade,the first time in my life staying back, soon by the next year i dropped out and became depressed not knowing why the hell i was doing so bad at life. i would come home and sit on the computer all day to regain my happieness not knonwing runescape was the one causeing this in the first place. i was a lvl 101 with 85 mining 99 fletching 99 cooking 80 smithing 4 santas,knew almost everyhitng there is to know about runescape,basicly the lifless nerd. i sat on my computer all day and thought that i was just bored and liked the game.soon after my first year playing runescape i got arrested for trying to be my social self again and acting cool to gain freinds back. after tho i realized that i would never be my true self ever again.i knew i needed help but i didnt know where to search,i didnt know runescape could acualy be addicting it sucked me in way to fast with a tight grip.the only thing i had on my mind was suicude, i thought i had a mental ilness that coudnt be cured. i thought my life was ruined and could never be repaired, i thought the only way out of this misery was to kill myself.well my mom which lived in florida(i lived in new hampture with my dad) found out about this and was so pissed she sent my aunt (which also lived in new hampture)to basicly kidnap me and sent me to florida on a plane. i even almost got arrested at the airport trying to run away. i was so depressed and torn up,so messed up with illness and confusion i thought my life was truly over now,not only did i have no life,no freinds,no education,but i had no computer!! after about 3 months with no computer i started slowly coming back. 4 months i could see the change,and right now im on my 5th month,and i can proudly say i hate runescape. im not fully back yet no, but im doing a hell of alot better than i was.im starting to get my life back on track.now and i only have one thing to say about runescape. never ever get into it!!! it will completly ruin your life! if you think that i just took it to seroiusly or played to much then your worng. i started just like any other noob. i played nonemmeber about 1 hour a day,then soon 2 hours,then 3,and fianly at the end i played members up to 18 hours average a day!i think what hurt me the most is the withdrawl of it. you see what happens it you acualy get mentaly addicted to it,and your brain only realeses the chemical to make you happy when your playing runescape. when you stop and go back to real life,(withdrawl) it makes you feel as if somthing sad has happened and you cant even try to ba happy! its acualy not how nerdy or lifless you are but acualy,its a matter of luck whether your brain will kick into the addiction. i think personaly that runescape is a very dangerous game!everyone playing it should stop imeddeitly. to tell you the truth i would give my life away right now if i could put an end to runescape. i dont want this to happen to any more people. i have read stories from all over the world saying its taken there souls too,and we should do somthing about it! so im here to tell you my story,and hopfully you will read this before it happens to you too.
by cain binette February 26, 2007
Let me put it this way.
I pressed random on urban dictionary, and it led me to this.
I hadn't played in THREE YEARS. I had forgotten about RuneScape. And then I spent seven hours straight playing yesterday.
It's like...drugs.
I forgot to eat because I was playing RuneScape.
by Izzabehr January 16, 2007
An extremely addictictive game that actually will harm you.

I was introduced to runescape fall 2008, and from then on I was hooked. I played for hours and hours daily for 11 months until I noticed somthing was wrong. After a bit of investigating, I found that my iq had dropped by 20 points(I have been putting myself threw a sort of iq therapy that I literally pray will work), My grades, previously straight A's, had dropped to c's and b's, My behavior became uncontrolled and I developed bipolar disorder(no joke I have been diagnosed), my previously abundant ability to read, write and create has dropped(once again I am trying to put myself through a sort of therapy to solve this), and finally, I became a social butt.

This is NO JOKE. This game is dangerous to people minds and bodies. If you decide to play this game(which I advise not to), BE CAREFUL!
Before Runescape
Me: Hey guess what I got an A in Latin
Friend: Me too!

After starting Runescape

Friend: I got another A, how about you
Me:...I got a c, but managed to get a whip

After quitting runescape and therapy

Me: Oh yeah!! look at my A!!
Me: Oh thats right, everyone hates me now
by heine zero October 11, 2009
Dear god. I just read 15 pages of "definitions" and I'm utterly shocked. 99/100 people are being haters. Runescape isn't a black hole that will butt rape your soul into oblivion. It's something you play when you are bored.

To the losers who actually have grades drop from it, you are pathetic. I find no addictive quality in it, whatsoever, unless you are some crackhead or just plain lonely.

Not everyone goes around saying: Fr33 st00f pl0x :D

It's something that kills time faster then nearly anything except for Xboxlive (which still freaks me out the time warp in that shit, seriously...) I know quite a few people who play, and I'm in highschool. Not a SINGLE ONE has had a grade drop or lost any friends.

I log on to merchant an item or two, check on my kingdom, and occasionally do a holiday or limited event. Every now and again, like a weekend or vacation where nobody is home, I go on for maybe 2-3 hours to wait for people on Live

Addictive? One time I quit just to see how long I could take it. Wasn't hard at all. Give the game a shot, and if you already are the ignorant assholes you seem to be, your grades won't change for shit. But if your just the normal go with the flow stereotype, go for it. It's a nice way to kill time, not kill friends.
Runescape- a decent enough mmorpg with a failing community, but all in all a nice way to kill time or relieve boredom. Give it a shot, skeptics.
by youknowyouwant2 January 12, 2010
Formerly a great game, with all kinds of mature people and interesting things to do, now after jagex partnered up with
miniclip, a website whose target viewers are 8-12, it's become a disaster area. I can't count on my fingers and toes the many times I was either called a noob, the many times I was challenged to fights in real life, and the times I was just literally treated like shit. Come on, I went there to get away from shit I have to deal with in real life, and put up with twice as much if the shit. It used to be where you could discuss all kinds of real life events, like religion and politics, now its

"Dood, u get the new yu-gee-oh cardz"
"Ya, dere totaly awesom!!"

Jagex just loves to baby...ahem, I mean, cater to the newbs and remove the things that made Runescape a fun game to play, to a game that even a newborn could play. I can't even smith in peace now, without being called a noob or teased or something like that.
Another thing. Everything awesome is for the members only. I was a member for a short time, and hell, it was a GREAT experiance. Almost everone was mature there, had some sort of decency, then it ran out. And I was awakened to how FUCKING HORRIBLE free play is. Nothing there but

"Free stuf plz, I juzt died,"
"Mony plz,"
"Looking for hot, rich bf/gf,"
"Can u get me quest itms plzzzzzz?"

Now I don't mind newbies, I can help them out with quests, but when they start with the "Fauk u beyach, I pwn u in reel life an dis game!!!!!111one one," that shit ain't gonna fly with me! The graphics are so horrible, you would wanna rip your eyes out! Too much lag and glitches, the combat system is dreadful, and I don't give a floppin flippin, flyin fuck if it IS Java! Jagex, unless you can take action with the community and the lag and glitches, you ain't gettin my money, and when all the older people quit, you had better prepare to do so.
..Put shortly, what once was a kick-ass game, now sucks ass.

An average Runescape moment,
"Fauk u biatch, u wanna go, n00b? I pwnz0r u in reel life AND here, i ownz ur mom, lolololololololol!"
"Free stuff plz, I just started and Ima n00b!"
by OnePissedOffGuy June 03, 2007
A free Java MMORPG which is more addicting than pornography, has more propoganda than the streets of Arab countries, more suicides than the frat houses at Umass when the Red Sox lose the World Series, swarming ass hole 12 year olds than Xbox Live, unemployed 50 year old men who live in their parents basement hoping to get attention by molesting the swarming ass hole 12 year olds and playing Playboy: The Mansion all day.
The developers of RuneScape is a company, JaGeX. They have sub-par chat filters in their game and could care less about the world's youth wasting their lives watching their virtual avatar mining a rock for coal. In fact, this is what they want. By hoping to increase these odds, they have a "premium" version of the game.
I have already wasted four years of my life playing RuneScape. I want them back. I should have played with my dog while I had the chance.
by prof. frink July 09, 2006