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Well I've read enough examples and definitions about Rs, and I'd have to say that, at least for me, it all wasn't so bad. Mind that I'm a girl but I don't think there's much difference when it comes to game addction. Rs did get addicting at some stage but I was able to control it. I've been playing it for around 3,5 years by now and at some point in my life I had to quit cause of my studies. I quitted for a year and felt fine. Now it's summer and I'm playing again :)

If you ask me what I like about Rs, the answer would with no doubts be "the people". I got lucky with my online friends. But we chat - Rs or Msn or Skype, anything, we dream of meeting IRL. I remember having so much fun with them, laughing literally on the floor of our jokes and stories. Maybe that was the thing that saved me from losing my life. And I'm REALLY thankful for that. And for people who "made" my game.

So if you are about to start playing - then prepare to control yourself. Otherwise fights with your family, no real social life, getting fat and unhealthy will become your problems.

If you are already having trouble with Rs - stop it. Just stop. Ask yourself - what it gives you? It gave good friends to me. But I don't need Rs to talk to them anymore:) Just stop. Start LIVING. Pl0x. :)
"What the hell!! I have 99 Cooking!" - said the girl eventually burning another toast.
This is Runescape.
by Santatum August 03, 2010

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