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Formerly a great game, with all kinds of mature people and interesting things to do, now after jagex partnered up with
miniclip, a website whose target viewers are 8-12, it's become a disaster area. I can't count on my fingers and toes the many times I was either called a noob, the many times I was challenged to fights in real life, and the times I was just literally treated like shit. Come on, I went there to get away from shit I have to deal with in real life, and put up with twice as much if the shit. It used to be where you could discuss all kinds of real life events, like religion and politics, now its

"Dood, u get the new yu-gee-oh cardz"
"Ya, dere totaly awesom!!"

Jagex just loves to baby...ahem, I mean, cater to the newbs and remove the things that made Runescape a fun game to play, to a game that even a newborn could play. I can't even smith in peace now, without being called a noob or teased or something like that.
Another thing. Everything awesome is for the members only. I was a member for a short time, and hell, it was a GREAT experiance. Almost everone was mature there, had some sort of decency, then it ran out. And I was awakened to how FUCKING HORRIBLE free play is. Nothing there but

"Free stuf plz, I juzt died,"
"Mony plz,"
"Looking for hot, rich bf/gf,"
"Can u get me quest itms plzzzzzz?"

Now I don't mind newbies, I can help them out with quests, but when they start with the "Fauk u beyach, I pwn u in reel life an dis game!!!!!111one one," that shit ain't gonna fly with me! The graphics are so horrible, you would wanna rip your eyes out! Too much lag and glitches, the combat system is dreadful, and I don't give a floppin flippin, flyin fuck if it IS Java! Jagex, unless you can take action with the community and the lag and glitches, you ain't gettin my money, and when all the older people quit, you had better prepare to do so.
..Put shortly, what once was a kick-ass game, now sucks ass.

An average Runescape moment,
"Fauk u biatch, u wanna go, n00b? I pwnz0r u in reel life AND here, i ownz ur mom, lolololololololol!"
"Free stuff plz, I just started and Ima n00b!"
by OnePissedOffGuy June 03, 2007

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