Middle Man To A Drug Deal...
Hey Danny If I Get The Money For Weed Do You Think You Could Run It...
Sure Will Id Be Happy To Run It But What Do I Get...
You Wanna Smoke?
by Liquidice420 October 12, 2007
Top Definition
To follow through with your actions or perform sexual act
In Chris Brown's song..."Let me see if you can run it
by siedah November 03, 2005
To hand something over; to give up a possession to a robber.
In J. Cole song 'A Tail of Two Cities' ... "Uh, nice watch, run it"
by Optimistic Edit December 23, 2015
to take a chance or go ahead with a risky manuever

Also known as Running it
When the traffic light turns yellow, and you're not sure if you can make it, you're buddy yells "run it" and you speed up and barely get through it.

You decide not to study for the final exam and just run it.
by JPrue June 01, 2007
(verb phrase) to become inebriated, i.e. drunk; similarly, the phrase can be used to describe an intended action ("i'm gonna run that"; "i wanted to flirt with her, but then i decided that i didn't want to run that"); the second example shows a possible connection with the known phrase run game
"Oh, shit we are going to RUN it tonight."
"Don't run THAT."
by chico69 August 15, 2005
A ill mistake someone said or did.
One guy: "yo 1+1=1"

Other guy: "hahaha ahh man yo kid thats a run it 1+1=2 smart one get yo facts straight"
by foreva G July 27, 2011
When skateboarding and, landing a sketchy trick like a 270 flip you ''run it'' as a slang for do over
Dude that inward was wack' ''Run It''
by WR$ June 09, 2009
to start a fight or to just rush somebody
Dawg, a hoe talking shit...
I bet you wont run it on dat hoe
by s.burkes December 14, 2007
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