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A man that bitches just as much or more than a woman.
Eric Is becoming more of a manbitch everyday.
yeah i wonder why?
maybe its his time of the month.
you mean we are going to have to put up with this more than once.
nah ill str up pimp-slap a ho
by Liquidice420 December 07, 2007
Another name for boobs...
Alex has a nice set of coconuts...
yeah they are bigger than Jenna's Twins...
i wish i had a pair
by Liquidice420 December 07, 2007
Middle Man To A Drug Deal...
Hey Danny If I Get The Money For Weed Do You Think You Could Run It...
Sure Will Id Be Happy To Run It But What Do I Get...
You Wanna Smoke?
by Liquidice420 October 12, 2007
A rank in a group of people.
Vegas aka D-baby
Eric aka D-Boi
Danny aka D-Man
Alex aka D-Master
by Liquidice420 December 07, 2007

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