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To move one's hips as if running, but not one's legs.
Damn, that girl can run it. Wow.
by Rose says "Hollah!" November 16, 2005
Reject Unit. Used for people who can't dress, who look a mess, and just don't know how to handle their business. Used by just saying R UNIT.
Damn look at Sean, looking a hot mess. R UNIT
by KLmC \ October 24, 2003
The club or groop of peoble who has slept with ruth, (jacobs mom).
They say "r-unit" to comfirm there importance.
Everybody in the r-unit yell "eye",
whole croud- "eye"
by Benjamin James Lukens March 31, 2004
to rub something on your butt
Russell picks up Nicks sweatshirt. "Run it!" yells John
by truelife101 October 31, 2005