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Sometimes credited as Furry Rule #3: Don't stick your dick in crazy.
ZOMGz I just found out Squizzle Squirrel yiffed with Aussie WildDog! What have we told Squizzle about yiffing! Never violate Rule 3! Don't stick your dick in crazy!
by Blabberwolf October 15, 2007
The number of girls/boys someone says multiply/divide it by 3. If its a guy, take the number of girls they said and divide it by 3, if it's a girl take the number of guys and multiply if my 3.
" I slept with 3 girls over break."
"Did you hear that guy, three girls!"
" nah dude, you don't know the Rule 3?"
" Oh yeah, Divide it by 3. He only slept with one girl."
by Stifmiester. May 02, 2010
If one person has to think/know something, the other person must also think about it.
Kate: 'Imagine walking in on Billy "stroking his beard".'
Lisa: 'Why must you tell me that??'
Kate: 'Rule 3.'
by Troll Logic April 11, 2010
One of the most important rules that states you can never leave a public area without some tongue tackling with some hot girl(s) you just met.
Neko: So did you rule 3 it?
Matt: Yeah for sure bro, we hit up mansion and pirates. Gotta say mansion is better.
Neko: Im proud of you man.
by steelesurfer July 27, 2008
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