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A phrase used to reference sex. Popularized by Red vs Blue Character Tucker.
Tex: Get behind me and stay tight.
Tucker: bow chicka bow wow!
Tex: shut up, Tucker!
by Xeras July 08, 2011
The most badass out old man/ vampire hunter/ doctor/ dutch guy ever.
"We've become god's madmen. all of us" -Van Helsing
by Xeras December 08, 2010
A mentally disturbed artist who, among other things, created amazing and somewhat trippy art, cut his own ear off for his lover, helped bring forward the impressionism era of art and screamed at people.
Vincent van Gogh once shot himself in the chest, then walked home and smoked a pipe. Like a fucking boss
by Xeras February 02, 2012
If someone says "stop", goes limp, or taps out the fight is over.
Rule 3
by Xeras July 26, 2011
british slang for stealing.
Man, some prick broke into my house and nicked my Telly
by Xeras January 30, 2011

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