RSC = Runescape Community

A forum where retarded little American kids congregate and attempt to be intelligent, when they are all far from it. It was recently added to the Guinness World Records for being the forum with the most male virgins.
zomg I just got a rating at RSC, i'm so cool and intelligent on this here internets now, LOLZ!
by SIR TRUTH December 21, 2006
pmfg it aint rs community ^ watever newbie said..

its fucking runescape classic... the 1337z0r gamez0r. whoever said otherwise should BE SHOT.

runescape classic is a game with extremely good graphics *chokes to death**revives* and... its not a complete waste of time *chokes for the last time
'do u play rsc?'

'h3llz y34h!!'

'dont u realise the game has graphics that look like a 2 year old has drawn them on point with his eyes closed?'

'woot!!1 this game is 1337 so sdfu!!

*5 minutes later*

'maybe he was right, i think i might quit now *crys*'

'now, isn't that better :)'
by neebzor (rei-net) - x mercher x - December 06, 2004
RSC = Ruptured Shit Canal
I fucked that dude so hard in the ass, I gave him an RSC!
by George Groza June 10, 2003
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