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an acronym for the Rolling Sixty's Crip Gang in Los Angeles
Crip1: Where You From Cuh?!?!?
Crip2: Im repping that RSC CUH!!!

Crip1:You AlReady KNow!
by letsgetit60 July 02, 2009
A place to get your rankings up, and a place to see people druel over tenshi.

A fabulous website made by the trojan, w13, who conquered zybez, and took over and made it even better.

That phrase is (c) by W13
w13 rules RSC and Zybez. RSC is a good place to learn about rs related stuff.

by force from rsc June 18, 2005
RSCS is an acronym for Random Stranger Confidence Syndrome, a condition which causes a person to reveal a highly personal secret or factoid without provocation to another with whom they are not formerly acquainted in order to relieve the guilt complex accompanied with harbouring said secret/factoid. Most often, this takes place during innocuous social interaction, such as a client/clerk rapport, waiting at a transit stop or in line at a government services office.

A typical scenario where RSCS is exhibited:

Commuter #1: Excuse me, do you have the time?

Commuter #2: It is 8:23. The bus is running a little slow today.

Commuter #1: Damn, I'm going to be late for work. I should have called in sick today and stayed home with the nanny to carry on our illicit affair. My wife would kill me if she ever found out.
by Corey McCutcheon July 10, 2008
Red Solo Cup
Anybody who has ever been to a house party, kegger or backyard barbecue has seen them: the red plastic cups (rsc) used to serve alcohol to those too far sideways to be trusted with a wine glass. They’re the last things many revelers see before losing consciousness, and just as some hospital patients report falling in love with their anesthesiologists as they’re going under, millions have apparently developed warm feelings for the vessel of their intoxication.
by R E D N E C K January 17, 2012
Acronym. Stands for Runescape Community. The internationally accepted forums for discussion on the popular game, Runescape.
I love RSC
by Will May 10, 2004
An acronym standing for "relationship status change". It can be applied to social media sites, like Facebook, or to everyday conversation.
Are you alright? I saw your rsc. :(

UGH! I really like him! When will his rsc?!
by Dr. Mystophocles January 01, 2013
Random subject change
It is time for an RSC?
by tyrana11 September 10, 2009
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