A Southwestern/ West Coast slang adjective used to describe a fun, social, enjoyable, crazy person/ thing/ event/ situation.
A regional word when used in this context..similar to Crunk, ballin', fresh, ill, sick, sweet, hype, etc.
other versions of word include; rowdiest and rowdyness
"This is gonna be the rowdiest weekend in Mexico ever!!"
"They've been drinking and getting rowdy since 8 a.m."
by Flexiconic December 22, 2009
Top Definition
crazy, insane, hype, unreal made popular from EzFang and Chengman
by WinstonEz April 20, 2012
The mascot for the Dallas Cowboys, which means he pretty much represents the greatest team ever. AND he's a freaking cowboy so, you know, that means his swag level is higher than Eli Manning and RGIII combined. Yeah.
Rowdy fired up the crowd as the first play of the season was an interception by Eli Manning.
by AsianCowboy July 24, 2014
An adjective for anything that can be described as good or great. Typically used in the phrase, "That's rowdy!" Originated at the University of Florida in 2003 and has slowly worked its way up the southeastern US.

Nav: Did you hear how Bell came out with those new Cheezies?
Nopey: True....They're hella rowdy!
by pranav007 August 16, 2006
A southern expression which means getting either crazy, wild, or drunk. Most likely all of the above.

Very similar to lil john's crunk.
Example 1:
Joe: I gots two dozen frosty brewskies ready for action!
Bill: It's about to get rowdy bitches!
Joe: Fuck yea beeitch.

Example 2:
"We all rowdy and bout it bout it from the south nigga" -Magic & Master P "Ghetto Godzilla"
by staff June 17, 2005
Sudden and furious digestive discharge.
Nah man, Mellow Mushroom always gives me the rowdies.
by Sheepyone December 23, 2008
A state of being extreamly skillful; to be the best at the time.
He was rowdy that game, he owed the whole team by him self.
by Fishy May 05, 2003
Used to describe West Chester.
Dub-C rowdy. Holla.
by etha September 24, 2003
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