A state of being extreamly skillful; to be the best at the time.
He was rowdy that game, he owed the whole team by him self.
by Fishy May 05, 2003
A Southwestern/ West Coast slang adjective used to describe a fun, social, enjoyable, crazy person/ thing/ event/ situation.
A regional word when used in this context..similar to Crunk, ballin', fresh, ill, sick, sweet, hype, etc.
other versions of word include; rowdiest and rowdyness
"This is gonna be the rowdiest weekend in Mexico ever!!"
"They've been drinking and getting rowdy since 8 a.m."
by Flexiconic December 22, 2009
someone who is cool aaaaaass yo.
Chengman makes Rowdy! videos

Q: How rowdy are you?
A: Rowdy aaaaasss YO!
by romper September 10, 2012
Anything exhibiting characteristics that could blow one's mind instantaneously. Basically, straightforward awesomeness.
Justin Timberlake's new music video is way rowdy.
Can you believe how rowdy Samantha's new haircut is?
by Cameron Jaymes September 13, 2007
The wack mascot at Southeast Missouri State University!
You see Rowdy at the Game. He was lookin hella wack!
by Big Bizn3ss March 07, 2006
sri lankan thugs
yo wats up rowdy
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
commonly used in several parts of northern california to mean disgusting, gross, or foul
damn I can't beleive you had sex with her dude, she's hella rowdy

that soup was so rowdy, I had to go puke it back up in the bathroom afterwords
by fuhgetaboutit April 22, 2006

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