The coolest tv talk show host on Australian television. Does some pretty outrageous and sometimes disgusting things on his show, such as sitting in a bath tub full of cockroaches, having people lick chocolate off eachother for money and televising a live vasectomy.
Rove is loved in Australia for his strange segments such as What The, which features weird and wonderful objects and pictures viewers send in, My Charader, which is celebrities playing charades, and Weird and Wonderful Talents, which features people with.. weird and wonderful talents.
Rove Live, as the TV show is called, also features at least 2 well known celebrities and occaisonal live performances.
"That Rove Live show on Tuesday nights is just a whole lotta fun"

"Rove is so cool... I wanna be him"

"Did you watch Rove last night? He interviewed Robbie Williams."

"Rove was so funny last night, man you missed out."
by b3c November 18, 2005
Top Definition
A tratior fuck who outed an agent of the CIA for political revenge against someone who used actual fact and logic to expose the lie that was the justification for the Iraq war. The result was the end of all CIA WMD operations the agent ever worked on because they ceased to be clandestine and the potential death at the hand of totalitarian regimes of all local CIA contacts the agent ever worked with.
Benidict Arnold and Aldrich Ames were tratior fucks just like Karl Rove.
by RealAmerican July 19, 2005
To defecate, in reference to former Deputy White House Chief of Staff under the Bush Administration, Karl Rove
I was going to get to work on that report, but I just finished my morning coffee and I need to visit the bathroom and take a Rove.
by Recoil42 September 04, 2008
fuck yes he should, but he didnt..hes a lame guy.
Take us to iraq with those stupid yanks and kill us all, muahhaha
"john howard is gay, the end"
by The one and only November 17, 2004
A popular Australian comedian, that hosts his own comedy/talk show on channel ten. A popular catch phrase of his includes "WHAT THE!"
Rove is funny, i like his catch phrase. It is "what the!" Funny...
by rtwofpc February 06, 2007
A new word for piss. Coined here:
I was going to comment on this but I just finished my morning coffee and I need to visit the bathroom and take a Rove.
by MBRU September 04, 2008
To take a huge shit.
I went to an all you can eat Mexican restaurant last night and had to take the biggest Rove this morning.
by Cracknova September 04, 2008
1. v.(used with subject) Rawr plus love equals dinosaur love.
2. v. The fob term for love.
Person 1: Do you know Anthony Aguilar?
Person 2: Yes, I do! I rove him.
by Anthony's Rover February 10, 2011
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