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(n)-A handsome, sexy man. Most likely to talk about about his sexiness and his pinoy-ness.
Fred: Look at him hes talking about his sexiness.
Alfred: What an Aldrich! :D
by zombieguy October 08, 2008
104 28
A sweet, caring guy who is amazingly smart. Aldrichs are obviously some of the most charismatic, friendly, empathetic, and loving people you will ever meet. Aldrich, YOU ROCK!
person 1; Omg! I love Aldrich! He is sooooooo sooooo smart. I wish i could be as patient as him for just one day. My mom would definitely be happy!

Rob; Ugh, man, aldrich is so freaking smart. Seriously
Bob; Well, at least he doesn't rub it in your face. Right?
Rob; Yeah, he's a great guy...
by geekyfashionfreak!! August 31, 2011
28 8
To Aldrich (verb): to take other peoples food without asking, then immediately leave without conversation or thanks. This often occurs in inappropriate situations, such as when one is weeping outside the Qube. If trying to prevent Aldriching, one can encounter a prolonged sad face and cries of 'but you love me.' Aldriching can cause hernias.
oh man! i just got Aldriched!
by rivers song June 05, 2011
11 12
A complete fag, with no life and an exceptionaly tiny penis. Usually of Indian Heritage.
Man that guys a complete Aldrich
by james5898989 September 14, 2008
36 118