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4 definitions by erratika

To cheat, rip-off, beat, defraud, hack or scam something.
I rorted this eyeliner from K-Mart.
I rorted My Meego by screendumping.
Let's rort the system!
You got rorted!
by erratika June 18, 2004
214 78
A combination of radical & hardcore positively expressing something extreme and vulgar. Otherwise just a replacement for very cool & words to that effect.
Your jam was radcore!
by erratika June 18, 2004
55 45
The act of using the shift/control+"Print Screen" option on the keyboard, (for instance to copy a picture which has been locked and is not copy-and-pasteable), then dumping it into a program like Photoshop for editing.
I had to screendump the images on my assignment because they were copyrighted.
by erratika June 18, 2004
4 3
To become extremely intoxicated.
Derived from Paralysed, Paranoid.
I got way para last night, it was radcore.
by erratika June 18, 2004
33 33