to have your opponent tire themselves out overtime.
it is also something you may scream at cars while you are racing them on sunset blvd.
ohhh ROPEADOPE, motherfucka!
by Brett December 08, 2004
Top Definition
Popularized by Muhammed Ali, a tactic of proctecting one's self during combat while an opponent wears himself out, and then unexpectedly lashing out.
Damn, that fool wasted all his ammo when I picked up all of those shields. I did the ol' rope-a-dope and destroyed him in under a minute
by Cicatriz December 29, 2004
a strategy to appear weak to convince an opponent to attack and fall into a trap.

a joke that suggests one thought just to set up a twist.
Muhammad Ali and Tommy Smothers were both experts at rope a dope.
by MichaelJonSnow March 22, 2010
A police tactic involving trickery to bamboozle suspects into confessing.
Dude! Nobody "really" saw me do it, did they? Man, you "rope a doped" me.
by The Foundation November 04, 2010
Slang for weed, according to Senor Rodarte.
Senor: Don't be smokin' that ROPE A DOPE!

Student: Ohhhh baby you know thats bad! hahaha.
by Barco Perro June 01, 2009
A form of oral sex in which the male at first has very slow motion with his tongue inside the females vagina, letting her do all the work. After a while of working in this fashion, the male speeds up his tongue and executes a fast series of vertical and horizontal licks bringing the female to orgasm.
Daniel: I did the rope-a-dope to THIS and knocked her out cold!
Duncan: Dang... All I can do is eat THAT pink taco.
by ThePinkTaco June 21, 2006
it means any thing
1. yo last night was dope.
last night was rope a dope you want the donkey punch
do you want the rope a dope

rope a dope

4.suck it
rope a dope

5.rope a dope
rope a dope
by frenchy123456789 August 18, 2008
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