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Popularized by Muhammed Ali, a tactic of proctecting one's self during combat while an opponent wears himself out, and then unexpectedly lashing out.
Damn, that fool wasted all his ammo when I picked up all of those shields. I did the ol' rope-a-dope and destroyed him in under a minute
by Cicatriz December 29, 2004
A trail of fecal matter left in undergarments due to poor hygenical ass-wiping. Popularized by Dave Chappelle
"...until I get a whiff of your Hershey Stains..." - "Piss on you"
by Cicatriz December 28, 2004
Word (now defunct of all meaning) now only used by white suburban youths that percieve things through a black stereotype. This may come in the form of "looking tough", or sporting idiotic poses, or showing so-called "bling-bling". This word is merely used to feel/act "cool" and gain street cred while at the same time destroying the black and italian community.
This word has become very annoying when blantantly repeated by waspy preppy youth.
Joan: OMG! Shandra! Look at this bling-bling! I'tS tOtAlLy gAnGsTa!!
Shandra: Bitch, you wouldn't know "gangsta" if one capped you in your ass!
by Cicatriz December 29, 2004
One of the devious marketing spawns from MTV headquarters (While claiming to show music videos 24/7) shows old episodes of "making the video" and other old shows that have been pushed out of MTV's rotation and excessive hip-hop. This premium cable channel has substantially longer commercials than other stations.
I watched "Sucker Free Sunday" one too-many times on MTV 2
by Cicatriz December 29, 2004
The only good premium cable channel to arrive from the MTV Hellspawn. Nothing but rare Rock videos played 24/7, but now it has been replaced (circa 2002) by the overly-cliche "MTV Jams". People miss this channel.
Thom: Did you see that Faith No More video on MTV X?
Johnny: Nah man, those bastards at replaced it with MTV Jams
by Cicatriz December 29, 2004
An onomatopoeia exclamation used to demonstrate the swing and blow of a hit. (Usually from the back, as a sort of sneak attack) see shazam
I snuck up on Joe with the baseball bat, and WA-BAP! Right to the back of the head!
by Cicatriz December 29, 2004
An exclamation that refers to the instantaneous burglary of an item, usually transferring ownership (Usually done with brute force while the victim is not aware)
Tim wouldn't unlock the car til he was done, so I came up from behind and ker-snatched the keys and ran to the car and locked him out
by Cicatriz December 29, 2004

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