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Very talented beat box artist, who is even more famous.
Man, have you hear Rahzel's new song, it's off the hook
by Kevin Ebert November 15, 2003
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One of the greatest beatboxers in the world. Also known as The Godfather of sound. Claims that at his time they didn't have any sound effects for video games or anything so he wanted to make them himself. One of his hit singles are "If Your Mother Only Knew" where he wrote the lyrics himself and always presents it live and he beatboxes it and sings the song at the same time. He is part of rap group The Roots along with Kamal Gray who is the keyboardist for The Roots and is still a member and took Scott Storch's place in The Roots. Another great beatboxer is Killa Kela, but he is nothing compared to Rahzel.
"Yo dawg, you see Rahzel do If your mother only knew on BET last night?"

"Yee dawg hes off the chain"
by Bassel January 26, 2007
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I beatboxed with Rahzel today!!
by Aaron Heinen August 21, 2003
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