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To be screwed over, usually financialy
those bastards have rooked me out of £50
by ben October 28, 2003
Scottish term for skint or broke.
Mate - Ye coming for a pint bud?
Me - Nah man, I'm rooked.
by Mikey Lee May 02, 2006
To be taken by a rook chess piece.
You faffer rooked my queen.
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
From magpies/rooks/crows as they steal silvery things
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
To be rooked is the act of getting owned.

To "rook" someone else is to insult them,
or just be more intelligent and beat them in either an argument, or just have a better come back.

1. "yaddayaddayadda"
2. "....faggot"
1. ":"
2. "Rooked."
by Ian Peterson January 11, 2008
to mess something up, usually by lack of experience. (from "rookie" or "rook")
I rooked it last night on my date; I doubt I'll ever see that person again.

Ah man, you rooked it!
by signe c. October 29, 2006
To be sent back to the beginning

Background: In the game of tibia, you started at a place called rookgaard. when u reach a certain lvl u get to goto main.. but if get pked (pk) alot by other people u get sent back to rook -- I.E. rooked
Hey n00b u killed mine troll! YUR ROOKED
by Veritas Macmanus December 13, 2004
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