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(n) the combination of a romeo and a homie.
The guy I've been kickin' it with is actually a good friend. He's like my Romeo and homie...he's my romie.
by luellen January 08, 2009
19 8
A cross between a redneck and a homie.
Yesterday I saw this dude in a lowered Escalade wearing a hat with a rebel flag on it. I was like, "Damn, Romie".
by Starr & Brooke July 25, 2006
23 16
a juice monkey, someone that takes steroids to make their muscles get bigger but in reality they're fat and they cant see they're feet when they look down, babboon
man. your body looks like its starting to romie, you gotta lay off the roids.
by alize jenkins April 17, 2009
9 17