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A chick everyone loves!!! Used to describe the best chick
My chick is a Romi
by abcdefg November 20, 2003
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Sweetie, caring, warm, concerned, faithful, strong, hard working, proud polack, mamas boy, devoted brother, proud member of the breadstick club, patient, loyal, best friend, lover not a fighter, concerned, witty, brilliant, helpful, quick, clumsy, sabres fanatic, selfless, messy, craver of hot pepper pizza, abundance of hair, placebo follower, sports fan, unique, admirable, lucky, mr. popularity, loves to text, humble, true to himself, hopeful, blessed, supportive

The Love of my Life
Romi love, Romi butt
by S. Zygaj February 03, 2010
A fun and beautiful girl. Really cares about her friends. Has been with many guys. Quite crazy at times. You dont mess with Romi, because when she gets angry or annoyed, something bad could happen to you. She has a lot of friends who have her back and will defend her.
Romi is my best friend, she has always been such a good friend to me.
by LeHaneGuy December 19, 2010
Complete Legend, Greatest of all the Greatest, loved by the fittest of all pussy in the land.
Mate nobody is anything compared to Romi, what a complete Legend.
by Legend Artist March 24, 2003
She is a tank who likes to beat up boys who are bigger than her, can bit a of a mann some times, she has lots of biyfriends so you could say that she was a female pimp, but some would say that she doesn't put out enough
Romi the mann
by JAXEN November 20, 2003
DICK-HEAD from latin dickheadio,
to be an absolute Romi
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
absolute idiot. Has no friends and often seen wondering the streets with half a mouldy sandwich he found in a bin.
very rare, known to inhabit areas of england
by Anonymous March 25, 2003

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