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Romy is one of the most dazzling, beautiful, amazing, lovely, wondrous, perfect girls i've ever been lucky enough to meet. Infact she's indescribable and i loves her to bits!
Romy is so perfect, how i do wish she was mine!
by Jez! December 11, 2004
Romy is one of the best types of mate you can have. She's really caring, loving and really pretty.The bestest friend you'll ever meet. Shes the crumble to ma custard!! XxXxX
Why cant you be a Romy?!
by raasaychik May 08, 2009
An uncommon name in North American countries. Used for guy or girl. Meaning: From the city of Rome.
My name is Romy (no, seriously... it is...).
by r.ome August 11, 2006
1. An Italian name coming from the city of Rome.

2. The most beautiful exotic girl alive. shes green eyed and has brown hair.

3. someone who is just a lush
"you're a touch overrated,
you're a romy and I hate it
but these grass stains on my knees
they won't mean a thing"

you should date him, hes such a romy

romy, that name is italian right?
by suggaapie September 19, 2009
1. The most feminine form of a tomboy. She mostly has guy friends, loves video games, playing pool, and talks like a man yet still wears make-up, cute clothes and always looks good naturally.
2. Anyone with a last name starting with "Rom" that is difficult to pronounce.
3. A firefighter's daughter
1. I wonder if that Romy has a name.
2. No one can pronounce Romanach, so you can just call me Romy
3. I wonder if that Romy will be as good as her dad.
by Amanda Nicole Romanach April 22, 2008
another reallyt hot girl in steiner taht id like to go out weith.. shes so kool and shes got tha biggest tits in her class
wow... romys hot too
by freshmeister June 22, 2004
A "Romy" is the female version of Robin Hood, while he has "merry men", she has "many men".

A Romy generally has between 3 and 10 men on the go at once, but usually only likes one but because of his "Little John" she keeps several other men around her, just in case.
"Romy Hood, Romy Hood, riding through the glen, Romy Hood, Romy Hood, with her Many Men"
by Andrew Bruce December 12, 2007
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