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The pimp playa who owns all these hoes and spits da illest flow jus to make da all dem wonderbread crackaz jealous cuz he gets in all the menage` traios wit 2 ladies at once; Manoj is believed to be short for menaje-twas

Holla back,
M to the A-N-O-J
My friend Manoj is such a P-I-M-P-G-A-N-G-S-T-A-R cuz he gets in so many menaje-twas wit da ladies.
by MANOJ August 16, 2004
Driving in an SUV that has 20 inch or higher wheels, usually with chrome or other fancy look.
We was rollin on dubs when the police came.
by Manoj April 15, 2003
In the computer industry, the term "ridin' dirty" is used to describe a computer that's behaving erratically or running slowly due to excessive software and/or spyware on the system. Frequently, these systems must be rebooted or reinstalled.
It was taking my system like 10 minutes to boot up. Turns out it was ridin' dirty because when I removed some programs from the startup folder, it came up real quick.
by Manoj June 15, 2006

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