A scratching technique used to satisfy an itch on a scrotum. Nuts, unlike elbows, are carried by something called the nut sack. The nut sack is not a smooth surfaced piece of skin like the back or leg. It is actually skin with high elasticity which is often times folded back on itself and sort of scrunched up, especially while wearing clothes and sitting. A roller is performed with one hand, even with pants on, using thumb and forefinger, griping the nut sack in the general area of the itch, and rolling the pinched area back and forth until the itch is gone. The technique is not exactly a superbly accurate surgical operation but it gets the job done. Crude, maybe, but effective.
(Thinking to myself at work) "I really need to scratch my nuts but I don't want anyone to see me reach into my pants. I'd better use the roller under my desk."
by Uncle Catfish May 21, 2009
Top Definition
A hoe or a slut, mostly used in th D.C. are for a girl who is a REAL freak.
That girl is a roller she always with some new dude.
by GoGohonnie August 03, 2005
A girl who goes from boy to boy,and is a real freak only used in the DC and MD area.
Latika- wasn't she with Devon yesterday? Shaqwan- yeah, but now she with james
Jeremiah- yall know she a roller
by MDhonnie January 28, 2006
rollers are the police
ay homie watch out for da rollers
by piminsincepimpin June 11, 2003
police on patrol in a squad car(s)
Look out, here come rollers!
by Jim King December 17, 2004
Cops who chase Jake and Elwood.
Shit. What? Rollers. No. Yeah. Shit.

I bet those rollers got S.C.M.O.D.S
by Jeff Glick January 15, 2004
A person (favorably a girl) that gets around. Similar to a slut or a ho.
I can't not believe she actually slept with him too; she is such a roller.
by Brynna Kibler April 04, 2006
A girl that goes from one man to another. hore hoe
That Girl is a roller. She like rollerskates with no brakes.
by Baby Ruth December 06, 2005
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