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5 definitions by Ottomann

Something that is lame, stupid, or lousy form of suck
Mrs. Jankus gave us a 700 word essay about the origin of corn dogs! Isn't that suckish??
by Ottomann August 27, 2008
15 3
rolling on the floor laughing out loud...self explanatory
Ryan: Ha, ha ,ha Kyle totally ripped his pants
Tommy: i saw that too! ROFLOL!
by Ottomann August 27, 2008
20 16
1. a "cool" kid who thinks its awesome to have a name like HotForRealz429

2. a person with a youtube account who only critizes other's videos

1. Eww on my User page LoveMeBaby001 says he wants to make out with me, what a youtube noob

2. That youtube noob commented how my video is "immature and crap-like"
by Ottomann August 27, 2008
7 7
if you get beaten with it you will become UGLAY!!
jerry: Ugh! Look at Zoey! Dude, when she was born she got beaten with an ugly stick!
by Ottomann August 27, 2008
16 21
that much better than amazing also jamazin'
Dude, Katie's eyes are so jamazing, I may have to go out with her
by Ottomann August 27, 2008
0 7