Ridee or Diee
A:I lovee you soo much
B:I lovee youu too :D
A:Weeve been through soo much
B:I know you shouldd be my R.O.D ohh yess
by lalalahr:D November 11, 2010
Rod is that guy with the long, dark brown hair that no girl can resist. He's usually getting girls horny with his amazing singing skills. Tends to flex his beautifully shaped abs to impress the girls and make them automatically orgasm they pussies. Also, Has an extremely large penis.
jenny: Hey have you seen any Rods today?
Katy: OMG!! I just came from the hospital along with 7 other girls who got extreme horny-nietis
Jenny: Im horny now
Katy: Lets go find a rod
Jenny: Lets gooo! :Katy
by Jeeennyyyyyyy September 29, 2011
To mislead and/or falsify for the purpose of evading one's friends.
Man, I got totally Rod'd last night, my friend Bill said he was coming out but then totally ditched us!
by The Casual Male September 22, 2013
random orgasm disease
"hey do you have the homewoooooooooork" *shudders in orgasmic way* "sorry I have R.O.D."
by cindyfriggenlouwho March 07, 2009
Read or Die; a fresh anime about a girl who can use magic paper as a weapon, a woman who can move through solid objects, and a secret British military force trying to stop a bunch of cloned historical figures from destroying the Earth.
R.O.D. is good sauce.

Paper always beats scissors.
by Bumpass June 01, 2007
Random Orgasm Disorder Syndrome
"I'm sorry sir/ma'am, your tests came back positive for RODS"
In math class, per chance: "The square root of 25 is unhh~ delicious~"
by DNB1995 May 07, 2010
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