any cylandrical object
He was holding onta a rod
by Rod Munch August 12, 2003
A stronger degree of calling someone a tool(a.k.a. an asshole). Meant to emphasize more of an asshole nature
I always knew Joe D. was a total rod
by Bob Papadopolous May 01, 2005
Retarded Overreaction Dissorder (ROD) is a mental disorder characterized by people over reactiving over simple problems that could be fixed with a four letter word.

OCD is the most common mental disorder and is diagnosed nearly as often as being blonde, a women, and alcoholism.
Guy 1: "That guy just looked at me, he's going to get it now, I am going to break his face!"
Guy 2: "You have ROD"
Guy 1: "fuck"
Guy 2: "there yeah go"
by Doctor Crusty Pimple, MD March 28, 2010
(2)A dick
(3)A simple stick that has been carved into a slim shape with a knife
(4)A fishing rod
(2)Oh wow what a big rod you have there...
(3)nice rod you have can i try it out?
(4)awesome new fishing rod, Vick, let's go try it out shall we?
by Bloody Scythe March 16, 2009
Midwestern slang for a dollar
"The dude said I had to lay a rod on him for the info."
by Dick Weed March 07, 2005
Although it is usually refered to a long hard on, this "rod", is a kid with a very small wang wang.
Penis head
by Squizzle January 30, 2004
Term of derision applied to any offensive male who hoves into view. Comes in handy at the pub when any male who mistakenly thinks he's 'cool' is spotted. They don't realise that the term is an insult, and thus you escape unpunched.
That mullet's such a rod
by The Rod April 25, 2003
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