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Sexual intercourse inolving at least one man. Or at least one dildo.
The Captain had dropped his soap, and the chap winced. When the instruction came to pick it up, he knew he was in for another rodding.
by Will Bowen October 06, 2004
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When you have a specific type and you will go for that type even if she isn't attractive.
A: Ahh he got with another mixed raced girl last night
B: Yeah she wasn't even nice though, he's just Rodding
by Bliks June 21, 2011
The Act of enjoying Pretzel Rods with your friends or roomates.
Bill and I were Rodding last night
by Rodmaster June 24, 2011
The art of tricking a person into correcting a deliberate mistake or explaining the obvious. then making them feel foolish when you point it out.
one: i checked and it's not their

two: dude, you're typing sucks

one: noob! you mean your. lol

two: noob! i was rodding

one: feck!
by GepperRankins November 12, 2005
like, what was you doing last night, i was rodding our lass all over
by christopher kalashnakoff April 11, 2011

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