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Actually means to arrive without any prior planning, or specific materials.
1. Do I need to make an appointment? Nah, just rock up.

2. Is there a dress code for Joe's party? Not sure, I'm just gonna rock up.

3. If I'm going to the USA, can I just rock up or do i need a visa?
by bjps October 08, 2007
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To rock up is to arrive.
1) what time should i rock up?

2) i rocked up and everyone was already going crazy

3) so who rocked up to your party?
by Randal Leadbelcher October 04, 2007
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A term Used to say Turn up or turned up
Tom: "What time did you Rock Up?"

Jambo: "I rocked up at about 7pm with a couple of those kooks we met in that bar"
by Tommy rocks up June 07, 2007
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to turn cocaine into it's smokeable form called crack or rock.
"yo, rock up that coke so we can hit these licks and make some money."
"fa sho, ima cook it up right now, homie."
by nigganomics October 02, 2007
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A verb that indicates the smoking of crack cocaine.
Yo baby !, I got the shit ! Let go rock up !
by CritterGetter October 02, 2007
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1. verb; to attend, or be present
2. verb; bring interest to a place
1. "Yeah, she said we could just rock up at her house any time we like."
2. "We'll rock up that place like no other."
by gelizzle March 18, 2005
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verb: to convert powdered ("flake") cocaine into rock ("crack") cocaine by combining 2 parts anhydrous cocaine with 3 parts sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3 or "baking soda").

The resulting substance is a smokable, fat soluble form of cocaine.
Dee-Boy a straight up baller. He cop fat kis from the combos and step on 'em hard. Then he rock up the yayo and slang it to da heads in the hood.

Dee-Boy is a successful pharmaceuticals entrepreneuer. He acquires large quantities of anhydrous cocaine from a major international supplier and processes it into a more conveniently self-administerable form before distributing it to low-income local end users, thus turning a tidy profit.
by HttpDee October 02, 2007
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