(v)to smoke crack cocaine.
After I sell my grandmothers wedding ring to the pawn shop,we will go back to my place and rock up.
by sexdrugsrocknroll October 02, 2007
v. To make crack out of cocaine, or to try to make crack out of some other substance
"Hey! Rock up the rest of that quarter sack, I'm gonna make this ho fuck a dog to get it!"
by dj ebola October 02, 2007
verb; to take part in fabricating or smoking crack cocaine.
If you're going to rock up, close the curtains so the neighbors can't see you.
by jojorock October 02, 2007

The process of turning a powder into a solid rock-like state.

Most commonly used to describe the transformation of Cocaine into Crack.
Hey Johnny!
You wanna go rock up this 8-ball I just bought?!
by Goth_pky October 04, 2007
the act of dry humping, grinding, on the opposite sex
aye u seen dat thang rock up at prom
by woody da kid January 14, 2010
1. a Hard-On
2. BOner
Would you like to put your rock up Her??
by 2Pac69 October 04, 2007
1. verb; to attend, or be present
2. verb; bring interest to a place
1. "Yeah, she said we could just rock up at her house any time we like."
2. "We'll rock up that place like no other."
by gelizzle March 18, 2005

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