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Better then you.
Roche is the best that there is.
by Matt Roche July 18, 2003
Waking up in the morning and realizing that the last thing you ate is Taco Bell and Dairy Queen, so that can only mean one thing. What's about to happen in the bathroom is going to wake up the entire family to the sound of playing the toilet trumpet.
Nothing like a little Roche to start the day. I knew that fourth meal was a bad idea.
by StirringUpTrouble January 19, 2015
Pronounced roach. A peeper, a creeper, or a stalker. Used to replace someone's last name to indicate they are a pervert.
Hey, did you hear about Ryan Smith? Some girl put a restraining order on him for stalking her!?!

What you mean Ryan Roche? I don't go near him.
by A. Donga August 27, 2013
slang for a terrible smelling fart
hey dwayne, remember last week when........... oh shit.......... RUN!!!! SOMEONE DID A ROCHE!!!!!!!!!!
by PeetrMurfee November 18, 2010

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