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Located in Rochester, Minnesota Century is the largest of the three public schools. It looks as though it was designed so if the school fails it could easily be converted to a prison. Century is also academically the strongest of schools in Rochester being ranked in Newsweek's top high schools in the country, it has higher AP scores, ACT/SAT scores and GPA's than the other Rochester schools. The downsides of this are that a 3.5 GPA could possibly get you in the 50th percentile of your class, also the sport culture at century is lack luster compared to the other schools in town. The teams aren't bad, just not many people care or go to games of any kind. Century is seen as being the richest and most pretentious of the public schools, this isn't true when you look at how many doctors kids go to rival Mayo High School. People from century hate mayo, and no one takes John Marshall high school seriously.
Person 1: Where do you go to school?
Person 2: Rochester Century High School
Person 1: Oh, I go to Mayo... I hate you
Person 3: Uhh I go to JM
People 1 & 2: Ha! That's funny!
by Itscoldhere January 15, 2012
People who at night drag race down the main road of a town.
Broadway Cruisers: Let's go be annoying and drag race at midnight!
by Itscoldhere September 21, 2009
Slang for the city of Milwaukee, not to be used with places like Pewaukee, Waunakee or even Kewaunee. Something you'd probably hear used by some suburban douche wanting to be from the inner city.
Pronounced "the key" not to be mistaken for with a key
Tool: Where you from brah?!?
Guy: Mitchell Street, you?
Tool: I'm from Mequon, but I tell everyone I'm from The Kee just like you broski!!
by Itscoldhere January 13, 2012
Roch is a shortened version of the name of the city Rochester, Minnesota. The Roch metropolitan area spans many smaller towns and communities. A quick way to tell if a person is from one of these smaller towns is if they actually us this word and refer to Rochester as Roch. No one from Rochester actually uses the word Roch. People from Rochester would refer to the city by it's name, or in slang terms the 507, referring to the entire area code of southern MN.
Small towner 1: I'm headed into Roch for a party tonight, it's gonna b sick.

Small towner 2: Hell yea bro, these Kasson corn field parties suck, Roch is awesome.

Rochesterite: God you guys are posers.

Small Towner 1: Whatev, let's go kill some time in Roch and cruise broadway.
by Itscoldhere March 28, 2012

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