Robin Hood - a derivation of anal sex. Robin Hood takes place when a penis enters the anus by way of splitting a piece of fecal matter (ie. turd, poop, crap) thru the center of it.
This act emulates "Robin Hood's" legendary archery markmanship, specifically referring to an arrow splitting an arrow which has already been shot into the bullseye.
Some examples include;
Hey baby, its only twenty-five for a robin hood.
When I told my co-workers about the robin hood, they all laughed.
My buddy Jamie thinks robin hooding is disgusting.
by Brew House Doug November 20, 2005
An ingenious hairstyle for the folically challenged, whereby the gentleman (or lady) in question grows a large quantity of hair from the side of his (or her) head and, upon achieving the necessary length, scrapes said hair across his (or her) shiny bald centre-pate. This creates, at first glance, the illusion of a full crown of hair. This look is more commonly termed a 'comb-over'.

Origin: Sweden

Etymology - Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor -- thus you 'take' from the rich, plentiful locks that sprout from the lower scalp and 'donate' to the impoverished central scalp.
Jarod: Brian, I have to say that wig looks great on you!

Brian: Its not a wig, I went for a Robin Hood.

Jarod: That's great. You look amazing plus you probably saved upwards of 70 pounds by not forking out on one of those ridiculously expensive wigs you see nowadays
by Chimp's Fingers May 25, 2010
When someone sneaks into your castle, fondles your jewels and make you scream. Then walk outs with the booty and makes you chase them cause you want them so bad... for their booty.
Did you hear, Mark Robin Hood Melody last night. She was running down the street screaming for booty back!
by batmansgurlfrend April 19, 2010
someone caught stealing from, could be your hood, my hood, or any neighborhood.
Tommy went to jail for Robin Hood.
by Eddie Ward Jr. February 12, 2010
A tight wearing boy trying to grow a beard so his dad can see him with some scruff on his face. He robs the rich bitches of their money to keep up his ghetto status over in F-town.
Robin HOOD
by partaybooiiii August 03, 2008
The act of discretely inserting a small bird or insect into another's anus.
I heard Julie gave Jimmy a robin hood after school yesterday in her backyard.
by thetreegrowschocolate November 22, 2010
A guy who is takes amazingness to whole new heights. A kind hearted man who is the best in the world. he is adorable and always swoops in to save the people who he loves. extremely smart, like beyond imaginable and a musical prodigy, he can take you to dimensions you've never been to before. A sexy guy with everything going for him - he is not going to be a brilliant guy BECAUSE HE ALREADY IS :)
Robin Hood swooped in and used his bow and arrow to save my life from the butterfly...

what a brilliant man that Robin Hood is. I wish i could put him in a picture frame and gaze at him all day.
by mochi pop June 16, 2010

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