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A game played on Chatroulette.com where a girl essentially bestows the wealth of her goodies on a man. The girl will act in a sexually submissive manner, putting on a bit of a show in order to help the random lucky man reach orgasm. There are a few rules though: (1) the girl may, if she chooses, remain ANONYMOUS, so any requests to show face can be rebuffed; (2) try to avoid going beyond what will get the girl banned from CR, which usually means no removing bra or panties; and (3) GIVE LOTS AND LOTS OF COMPLIMENTS TO THE GIRL!--she's essentially helping you cum and putting on a cam show for free, so it's the least you can do.
After three hours of wading through dicks on Chatroulette last night, some sexy, altruistic honey came down from heaven and played a game of Robin Hood with me!
by frankriccard1336 February 18, 2011

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