Getting head while on the road or while driving
dude i just got me a roadie from logan
by the boatist October 02, 2009
a car trip where passangers smoke marijuana
we went on a roadie after school
by jeremy Moser October 23, 2003
(noun) An alcoholic drink that you have in the car.
Jim never goes on a long trip without bringing a couple of roadies.
by RRayne July 19, 2006
a person or people you often travel with; someone you "hit the road" with
Whenever I go to the city, my roadie, Cheron goes wit me.
by ave November 29, 2003
when an individual recieves sexual favors while on a road trip.
Nick was getting a roadie from Dale while driving to St. Louis
by ...hop.... May 29, 2009
Someone who spends a great deal of time traveling is a Roadie, such as a hitchhiker.
Some Roadies are hitchhikers without a permanent home; they spend a lot of time traveling. A sojourner, a traveling man.
by conniemod September 07, 2008
A alcoholic drink, such as a beer, that you take from your own fridge before you leave for a party and drink on the way as a pre-drink. Or when your leaving the party the drink you take to have when traveling to another party or back home.
"Hey Jim! grab us some roadies before we leave, I wanna be smashed before we get there!"
by ewkerr September 04, 2008
Someone who carries the equipment for a band, Guitars, stands etc.

In other words they are the bands Lackey, The bands bitch if you will.

Person: are such a lackey...
by Andrew-Brannan July 12, 2008
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