A set of rules defined by the stupid Highway Patrol Division in each and every state.
Do not exceed 70 MPH...
by Kelly Castle July 26, 2003
The agreed upon driving rules of the highway. Not applicable in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, Florida and Los Angeles.
That piece of shit just carved me up like he's never heard of road rules!
by Orange Guber July 25, 2003
The rules in which people have to adhere to, to drive legally on the roads. These are policed by law enforcment agencies and fine's are distributed to those who do not adhere.
Sir, if you do not adhere to the road rules, I will have to issue you with a fine.
by sketchie July 24, 2003
soft-soft-core porn for high school kids disguised as a scavenger hunt-cum-teen drama. brought to you by the fags at that network that used to play videos last century.
Dude, I was watching Road Rules and Steve snuck off into the bushes with Lolanda and made her give him a rimjob!
by Chauncy Percival July 24, 2003
white people doing some crazy ass shit!!!
"white person" hey dude on road rules i jumped of a cliff i t was narly!!!
by rico hernandez July 22, 2003
Anything that requires you to stop concentrating on your driving long enough for you to be cought by a speeding camera.
"Keep left? Okaay... Gee I better just overtake this guy in order to keep left... WHAT THE ****! NOO!!"
by Andy July 20, 2003
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