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Not addicted to smoking marajuana in hawaii.
I live in hawaii but i am antivolocatitorymarajuanamism.
by molliness July 28, 2003
1. A nickname for one named Blaeden Charette.

2. A hole which you stick a blade in.
1. Come here you retarded, red-headed blade-hole!!

2. Ungard tooshay....Stick it in my blade-hole.
by molliness June 04, 2004
A show on MTV that gets u very addicted...at the 10 spot!
I need to go home and watch road rules...
by molliness July 28, 2003
a total white hick
You are such a wafer!
by Molliness July 25, 2003
When a guy has a boner....and it doesn't stick out...it sticks up! like it is flying...has wings...
My boyfriend took his pants off.....he was so horny...he has a huge wingy!
by molliness July 28, 2003
1.A small 2 wheeled transportation vehicle.

2.A womans vaginal tickleish spot.

3.A word used while scatting.
1.I took the scoob to the corner market.

2.She was laughing so hard cause i hit her scoob.

3.Scoob didly bop doo waa....
by molliness July 28, 2003
Scream without the a...
There was this alien chasing me so I scremed.
by Molliness June 04, 2004

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