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The act of getting buzzed on the drive to the party so you do not have to endure being the soberest person at the party.
We're going to be road tripping it up there.
by Bill Wasowski Jr. February 16, 2007
(1)the act of taking road trip solely for the purpose of experiencing fantastical lights and sights while under the influence--most likely under the influence a hallucinogen, ie shrooms or LSD. Usually at night.
See fear and loathing in las vegas.
(2)driving on a random back road to light up in your car, because you have nowhere else to.
many argue the vegas strip and the sunset strip are the best places to roadtrip.
carl just bought some bomb ass bud, but because his parents were home, he had to resort to roadtripping.
by rewface December 20, 2007
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