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Close friend
My closest road dog
by Ac January 28, 2004
A traveling companion that one is most often seen with.
Bill was hitting all the hot spots with his road dog, Tom.
by Joseph Durham September 10, 2005
A person going with you during your travels.
Guy#1. hey are you going to the national hobo gathering?
Guy#2. nah man I'm waiting for my road dog to get out of jail.
by Sir Traveler December 08, 2009
homies, best buddy, friend
yo roaddogg want to go chilled with the lady
by David February 26, 2004
Running buddies; people you hang out with, go to concerts with and in general, cause mayhem with. Good friends you can count on to head off on a road trip at the last minute.
Man, I miss my main road dogs Jim and Kristin. Remember the time we took off to Buckeye Lake and got lost? Good times.
by music luvah May 07, 2010
Beers you drink in the car on the way home from a long day of work.
Man, I could go for a couple o' road dogs right about now.
by Lord Mule April 17, 2003
a long haul truck driver
my husband is a road dog. he is away in his truck all week
by sandrop4 November 02, 2012
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