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1. a traveling/hitchhiking companion.
2. another term for roadie; act of being the same.
1. "I can't leave without Seth, he's my road dog!"
2. "Johnny got to road dog with string cheese incident last month."
by 2day September 07, 2005
first sergeant massies use instead of the word feet
go on home with your road dogs
by mike hunt May 02, 2003
Beer taken on the road.
"Lemme grab a road dog from the fridge before we go."
by beergrrl June 02, 2009
a person who is consistently "on the road", on the go, or someone who travels to and fro frequently.

an experienced driver, elusive, careful motorist. Transporter.
The way you're driving smoothly makes me think of you as a road dog.

by Fingers McKillJoy March 03, 2007
When you look next to you and see a guy getting road head, but the chick is so ugly you mistake her for a dog, or other hairy creature.
Guy 1: Hey isn't that Alan?
Guy 2: Yah, why does he have a dog on his lap?
Guy 1: That's no dog!!!!!
Guy 2: EEEWWWW!!! He is getting Road Dog!
by TheUnfortunateObserver69 March 26, 2011
Someone you have been in jail with.
Been in jail or prison with a friend (road dog).
by blkhg November 30, 2007
getting a blow job from the passenger while you are driving
Hey it's a long trip, how about you hook me up with a road dog?
by Faceeater June 23, 2010