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Orgins of this slang word prolifterated throughout the KCMO area after a man named Moose Dizzle migrated from Denver, Colorado. According to Moose Dizzle the term rizzled is to be defined as, being extremely stoned before class or drunker than fuck during the week
"I'm rizzled, let's go to economics."
"I'm rizzled, I hope I don't miss my test tommorrow."
by alex December 12, 2003
Intoxication level beyond "buzzed"; drunk; high; "wasted" (from drugs or alcohol).
I'm rizzled off just two of these drinks.

Look, that guy is so rizzled, he's going to stumble into the street and get hit by a car.
#rizzle #drunk #smashed #high #wasted #alcohol #intoxication #trashed #plastered #pissed #fucked up #shitface
by woodcockr August 30, 2010
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