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for real. I'm not lying, bro.
"i got in a big fight with the parentals"
"for rizzle?"
by corina May 26, 2004
a ridonk hoe that even exceeds normal hoe-ness. either that or a friendly greeting.
"man. she is SUCH a hoe bag to wear that shirt."
"hey hoe bag"
"hey, how's it going?"
by corina May 26, 2004
intoxicated, drunk, smashed, wasted, sloshed, tired, stoned, high, ripped, wrecked, blotto, fubar, basically not oneself or out of one's mind. also, something you say when you're leaving.
"man, that was a great party. i was so outie boy." "wow, she was totally outie boy from drinking from the sippy cup."
"it's been good talkin to ya...but im outie boy."
by corina May 26, 2004
and exclamation of horror when one is experiencing a severe rap music situation, or to alert one another of a passing gangster who is likely to bust out his 9.
"oh my god look at that guy over there."
"jigger what!"

or..."Jigger what?? T'Neil turn this god damn music off!"
by Corina May 15, 2004
a ridiculous type of exercise which includes ladies in black spandex sticking their butts up in the air, leaning on their sides with only one foot and one hand on the ground, and generally trying not to fart. you have to have good balance and be "connected to your core at all times." also, you listen to a lady talking abou "continuous movement" and saying "belly buttons and middle fingers," repededly. which leads me to wonder exactly what im supposed to be doing with my belly button and middle finger.
"what did you do on mother's day?"
"i went to a weird yoga and core stretch class with my mom"
by corina May 26, 2004
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