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an amazing show made up of all of the irish step dancing world champions. origonally started by micheal flatly and has continued into show like feet of flames and lord of the dance.
i went and saw riverdance last night
by samg55 July 10, 2008
The motions a Meth Head would use when trying to stand still. This dance is purely unintentional by the Meth Head and is usually observed in the check out line in Walmart around 3am. The dance is a seris of flailing arms, fidgeting legs, and spastic jaw movements.
Yo dude, go check out the crankenstien in isle 3, he's really doing a river dance.
by MerryChrismeth April 27, 2010
The most original dance created by Europeans without borrowing from blacks. It allows you to play to your strengths. Instead of moving rhythmically, you move arhymically. However the kicking and the pointing of the toes are pretty nifty looking.

Ashley Simplson did a jig Riverdance on SNL.
Don Cornelieus, the producer of "Soul Train" in an attempted to cater to the mainstream, came up with a new dance show called "The Riverdance Train"
by Mr. Dwayne June 10, 2005
The dance someone does when they unexpectedly fall into a cold river.
"Did you see that turtle in the river?"


"Hang on and i'll try to get him to move..."

(Slides, and SPLASH...Arms flaling, legs kicking in a most disturbing manner, look on face priceless)

"Ooooo! Aaaah! Coooold!...Hey, where's the turtle?"

"Um, I don't think he liked your 'River Dance'!"
by Adybug April 01, 2010
Verb : When two men dock up penises ( an uncircumsized man pulls his forskin over the head of a circumsized mans penis )and a ginger stomps on it.
Did that ginger broad stomp the dock? Shit...she riverdanced all over it.
by Highlander supreme September 24, 2011
This sexual move involves two people- gender makeup is irrelevant. One partner is bent over, the other is doing them from behind while standing, their hands on their own hips, jumping up and down and tapping their feet in a Micheal Flatley style jig. Henceforth- Riverdance.
Jenny strapped it on, bent Paula over the armrest and went to town, and when her friend Savannah came into the room, she was so happy she started to Riverdance.
by Mr Cleen August 17, 2006
The interconnected movements that constitute the stereotyped portrayal of a homosexual man dancing.
Alfonsito slapped his man toy Gerardo's buttocks then proceeded to the dance floor ahead only to River Dance the night away.
by Knight of THe Round Table December 10, 2004
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