1. To take something from someone else, often audaciously.

2. To humourously mock someone else.
1. Go ahead...rinse my last chip.

2. You should've seen Bob rinse that guy.
by robbie_m September 06, 2006
As a verb, to "rinse" is to subject someone to your clumsy sexual advances i.e. "I'm about to go rinse that blonde in the corner with reckless abandon", or enforce dominance over something or someone (can be sexual as well) i.e. "check me out while I rinse this rehabilitated wombat".

As a noun, you can refer to yourself/be referred to as a "rinser" which means you're just about the sickest or seediest dude around i.e. "yo dawg, did you see that rinser totally scheming on your 10 year old cousin?" or "I'm the #1 Rinser About Town (RAT)".

As an adjective, "rinsed" can mean you or someone else has been injured/shown up, i.e. "man it was looking good there for a while until that playa showed up and rinsed me out good".
Yo, you just got rinsed by that sick venno!

Nice one you dog act rinser.

And a quote I live my life by: "rinse, or be rinsed!"
by taylork86 June 25, 2012
To "rinses" is to cum inside of the anus of your male / female partner and "rinse" the interior of their anus with cum.
Man, I loved it when I rinse inside of Josh K's anus. I love the feeling of rinses.
by B-Rad y0' June 12, 2008
The tiny wad of cotton placed into a dope solution in a spoon, used to suck up the dope through.
Hey, can I have yer rinse after you blast?
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
To rinse somebody is to take them down a peg, to push them off their pedestal, to triumph over their stupidity.
"We got completely rinsed in that exam"
"Nah man, she rinsed me"
by Tim nice but gay May 31, 2004
1. to have sex with. A very english term
1. "i could help it, i was just so horny i rinsed her all night"
by TryxX May 31, 2008
n. Oral sex; A blowjob
v. to give a blowjob
"Dude, she gave me a rinse last night"

"Buddy, she wants to rinse me"
by The Artful Dojjer January 12, 2005
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