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To dance to kickin' dance music, usually in the harder area of dance music; techno, hard trance/house, dnb, hardstyle...where you can really just go for it!
As soon as that tune came on there was nothing else I could do but have a vicious stomp!
by TryxX January 24, 2007
1. to have sex with. A very english term
1. "i could help it, i was just so horny i rinsed her all night"
by TryxX May 31, 2008
1. to ingest something; generally of a narcotic nature
2. hard dance music
3. to dance in a very energetic fashion, generally under the effects of stimulants
1. "hurry up mate, bosh them disco biscuits and let's 'ave it."
2. "last night was great, some absolute bosh tunes were played"
3. "i'm off to the dancefloor for a bit of a bosh"
by TryxX May 31, 2008
1. Hard Dance music
2. The act of ingesting illegal substances
Bosh those beans and get involved mate!
by TryxX January 24, 2007
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