A term used to describe equalizer manipulation to transition from one track to another. Used by DJs
Rinse out the bass on deck A and bring in bass on B
by Damien1138 August 23, 2008
1. to have sex with. A very english term
1. "i could help it, i was just so horny i rinsed her all night"
by TryxX May 31, 2008
To eat alot of a particular food.
I'm gonna rinse on some crisps.
by mate. February 28, 2008
To rinse something means to steal it.
I'm gonna rinse you up.

This code was rinsed up quite happily from WordPress

Rinsed! (to be exclaimed upon stealing something from under someone's nose).
by Mark Kenny April 26, 2006
To go fast, use to the extreme, fall over, be stoned, be tired, be pissed.
I'm rinsed!!!

I got in my car and went rinsing up the street at 80.

I rinsed my leg out on that stump over there.

I've rinsed the fock out of this pen, I need a new one.
by Parny B February 12, 2004
rinse means to run something for a long time and use it often. It may also be a sexual reference
"Me rinsed her fassy yestersay"
"You is rinsin that new daniel beddingfield tune ya nobhead"
verb to rinse (i rinse, i rinsed, i will rinse):

the act of blebpsing someone so hard that they lose the will to live.
"oi ya clart fak oof nah 'for as rinse yas. wanksta"
by jimmyjazz December 14, 2004
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