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something that is really good, espcially a song.
that tune is rinsin
by Phil Coole July 02, 2003
44 33
"Rinsin" - A term used by members of the Norwood community that include that acts of drinking heavily in a social manner.
"What are you doing today bob?" "I'm Fuckin' Rinsin' nigga!!"
by Toon1013 September 06, 2008
6 10
the word rinsin originates from my hood Ross, it means the best ever.
my motor is rinsin!!!
by Rwolbic April 11, 2005
10 22
Word generally used by scallies/chavs/townies (call em what you will) to mean "really good". Often inexplicably followed by an incredibly long used of the word "yo"
That was rinsin' yooooooooooooooooooo.
by Chris February 22, 2005
7 23