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A fungal infection that dirty bastards get.
James: What the fuck is that on your leg?
Anthony: I don't know, I've had it for about six months, it doesn't hurt though.
James: I'd go to the Doctors if I were you. It looks like Ringworm.
Anthony: Ringworm! But that's what dirty bastards get.
James: And your point is?
by pinkbum September 25, 2005
Rubbing the penile glans around on the exterior of your lover's anal sphincter as an act of foreplay to relax and loosen the bung for anal sex.
Roger got Carla warmed up and ready for an anal pounding by first getting her loose with a little Ring Worm action.
by Dick Uppinsider April 27, 2015
A type of fungal infection that is known to be contracted from the rimming of a stinking bastards arsehole. Gingers are also known to be carriers of this rare fungus.
Nonse: What the hell is that on your face Le?
*she looks in mirror*
Plums: Awwww must be a bit of ringworm chops from last night butt?
by bigsuckableplums June 28, 2010
A huge fan of the Ring movies, Japanese or American.
Samara loves the ringworms
by Gambit1138 May 08, 2005

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