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A fungal infection that dirty bastards get.
James: What the fuck is that on your leg?
Anthony: I don't know, I've had it for about six months, it doesn't hurt though.
James: I'd go to the Doctors if I were you. It looks like Ringworm.
Anthony: Ringworm! But that's what dirty bastards get.
James: And your point is?
by pinkbum September 25, 2005
A type of fungal infection that is known to be contracted from the rimming of a stinking bastards arsehole. Gingers are also known to be carriers of this rare fungus.
Nonse: What the hell is that on your face Le?
*she looks in mirror*
Plums: Awwww must be a bit of ringworm chops from last night butt?
by bigsuckableplums June 28, 2010
A huge fan of the Ring movies, Japanese or American.
Samara loves the ringworms
by Gambit1138 May 08, 2005