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a funny way of saying ridiculous
"casey!!!new shoes?! again you got more shoes than andrew!! its rigoddamndiculous!!!
by homeslice C December 06, 2004
3 9
an exclamtion of disgust to an absurd situation
what the fuck were you thinkin? that's rigoddamndiculous!
by Nitz January 27, 2004
33 13
Ridiculous to the point of exasperation
The dog shit on the carpet again? This is getting to be rigoddamndiculous.
by MelDreezy November 26, 2006
26 15
ri·god·dam·dic·u·lous ri-god-dam-dik-yuh-luhs Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation


absurd comcastic call center words; preposterous; laughable

A ri-god-damn-diculous supervisor named Keith.
by AS - Definitation by DS April 26, 2007
8 1
Extremely ridiculous or over the top.
I saw Grindhouse the other day. It was pretty rigoddamndiculous.
by Chim Ridgles April 15, 2007
14 7
something that is extremely ridiculous, or god damn ridiculous
"That's rigoddamndiculous!"
by chelseymayyy November 21, 2008
1 5
response to something that's unbelievable
man1: dude, she totally wants me.

man2: That's riGODDAMNdiculous
by Joseph Kool September 20, 2003
2 10