A public relations scheme concocted by government officials to trick the public into giving the government power over their lives. These are discarded and ignored the second they become inconvenient to the government institution.
To convince the colonies to ratify the constitution, they added a Bill of Rights. At the earliest convenience, these rights were immediately trampled on, discarded, and ignored. The Bill of Rights exists today as a set of things to have students memorize in civics class, but not entirely understand, and for lawyers to use to make arguments that are then ignored by judges. Any other applications of rights, such as deterring Draconian legislation, are nonexistent.
by fredautonom March 15, 2015
A colloquial description of the perfect relationship. Epitomised by the Scottish/Australian/New Zealing Writer "Brown Strawbridge" in his post-modern erotic novel "Leesa and Rob"
"We are so right for each other"
"as right as Leesa and Rob?"
"no, don't be stupid, nobody could be that right. That's a myth"
by The Doctor...Indy May 06, 2013

1. An empathetic emphasizer; a rhetorical device to express both understanding and agreement; an encouragement.

For people too lazy to agree with someone in more than a single word. Also, when something is so obvious or apparent that you can ask "right?" in reasonable certainty that no one will disagree.
"This administration's policies are giving me Irritable Bowel Syndrome."
"I know, right?"

"I think you deserve better than that guy."
by Beezling September 08, 2007
Sentence ending or interjection used when trying to make a point.
Trolls are really just victims of surface dwellers' oppression, right? I mean, it's our society that forces ugliness underground.
by SNUPERDUPERBEDUPER February 13, 2011
1. a part of one's brain with nothing left.

2. the opposite state of the brain's left side.
dude, in the right side of your brain there's nothing left. in the left side of your brain there's nothing right.
by Leftist Mr. Wright September 25, 2008
opposite of left? and now i need a few more letters to submit this....
turn right, no your other right no, now turn left.. god damn it your other left... you retard, now turn around.. how do you mess that up??
by rafie June 26, 2006
to be very high and or drunk; gone.
"Have you tried hydro? That shit will get you right!"
by Ms. Pam April 01, 2006

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